Valid Sign, developed by Intesi Group.

Valid Sign is a product of Intesi Group, an Italian company that offers high technological solutions in the cloud.

Intesi Group has developed over the years a deep competence in the field of logical application security and above all in the area of Digital Signature, Authentication systems and Encryption with important references in Finance, Telco, Industry and Public Administration. The offering ranges from the classic consulting to the supply of off-the-shelf products, up to the creation and management of services in public and private clouds.

Intesi Group is characterized by the great specialization and competence in the technological issues it deals with, as well as the quality of the services provided and the attention to the objectives, combined with the flexibility and speed necessary to face the customer's policies.

In addition to Valid Sign, Intesi Group offers the PkSuite signature solutions, which with PkBox represent the best European digital signature server product, and the Time4Mind platform that provides Qualified Remote Digital Signature services, Strong Authentication and Certification Authority.